Loryan Jakar

Human Male Rich Noble

Come, sit friend. Have some mulled mead – Old Corellian, the best you’ll have tasted, I’ll wager. My name is Loryan Jakar. I was born to the Jakar family of Corellia. We are what could be considered a wealthy dynasty by most standards. Until my father, Jakar Industries has enjoyed modest success reaching back through tens of generations. My father, however, was a man who believed in working to live.

While I would never deign to correct my father on his stance on a matter, I choose to let my actions speak for themselves. A man should always be judged by actions rather than the imperfect words that frame them. More than any man, a diplomat understands the fragile and unreliable nature of words, even with the best of intent. A freeman may ‘work to live’, as he is beholden to none but himself. Those born to nobility, however, should never forget that the privilege of their birth is a responsibility to bring the masses closer to the standard of living you enjoy through nothing more than the lottery of birth.

I took the mantle of leadership on my shoulders at a young age, running the dynasty in all but name by the age of nineteen, having made my father obsolete even in the limited capacity in which he served Jakar Industries. Some (chiefly my father) have whispered that I was ushering in a return to the days of my grandfather, Tol’kur Jakar. My grandfather was an utterly ruthless man who came lately to resolve and drive, and dealt with competition in less than scrupulous ways. It is thanks to my grandfather that I speak Huttese. It is a strange dialect for a Corellian noble to speak, but it became necessary to deal with the criminal element sniffing around the edges of Jakar Industries, hoping for a return to the days of my grandfather.

Jakar Industries reached a point some ten years ago where the company largely ran itself, in the hands of a number of trusted and highly skilled personnel I watched rise through the company, and mentored personally. Since that time, I have served as a diplomat to further the cause of Corellia, the Republic as a whole, and Jakar Industries where possible. Recently, I lent the support of Jakar Industries to the newly formed Araxian Technocratic Alliance, a business endeavour that had promised to be most fruitful, but ended in the death of my good friend Rorn Doo, who I have sworn to avenge along with the countless thousands who have fallen to Commodore Sa’kul’s greed.

Personality: I am not a brilliant man, though I believe intelligence plays a secondary role to diligence and willpower: witness the number of brilliant geniuses who amount to little in the end. There is a saying among the sages: “When I walk with two men, they shall be my teachers. I shall take all that is good in one, and strive to emulate that in myself. I shall take all that is base in the other, and strive to purge it from myself.” While I have strong focus, I also have patience. And I acknowledge that the law exists to protect us all.

I endeavour to be quick with a laugh or smile, which is of course easier around friends. I am not an unhappy man, but I remain conscious at all times of my responsibilities. I have been shown at great personal cost what occurs when one is not constantly held in check.

I suffer fools poorly, and I will relentlessly move against those who seek to do Corellia or Jakar Industries ill, in that order. I prefer to achieve my objectives through kind words and smiles, the very bricks and mortar of diplomacy. When that fails, I am not above using the power I have to crush my enemies to protect the ones important to me. I have an inherent distrust of Jedi – I do not believe that any one being should hold that much power in their hands, and I believe the checks and balances that hold Jedi to their vaunted “Light Side” to be flimsy at best.

I enjoy a good party, and mix well with others. I am painfully conscious of my flaws, and seek at every possible juncture to correct them. I have a fascination for technology, particularly cybernetics and starships, and enjoy good relations with the Verpine peoples. I look after those I value well, and seek to bring out the best in my associates and employees to empower them.

The particular’s: I stand slightly under six foot, and I will concede I maintain a well-toned physique. My hair is thick and shoulder-length, and rarely indeed is it not scented with the best of Corellian spices.

I take pains to always appear well-dressed. I favour a cloak, as it is functional in all weather, conceals my arm, and of course panders to the expectation of a dashing rogue whom everyone expects to see in the shoes of a Corellian noble. For similar reasons, I cultivate just enough of a five o’clock shadow to give a roguishness.

My gaze is steady, and I prefer to fix people with a stare when talking, particularly if I am in a contest of will. I have been trained to move gracefully, yet with an economy of motion. I take a measure of pride in the fact that I rarely fidget or shift unnecessarily, and that instead I focus my attention on my surroundings.


Loryan Jakar (as at the start of the campaign)
Male Human Noble 3
Init +0 (+0 Dex); Defence +13 (+3 class, +0 Dex); Spd 10 m; VP/WP 14/10; Atk +2 ranged (3d4/20 or DC 10 stun, Blaster, hold out, range 4 m); SQ Favour +2, Inspire Confidence; SV Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +5; SZ M; FP 3; Rep 1

Str 14, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 17

Skills: Appraise +6, Bluff +11, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +6, Entertain (harp) +4, Gather Information +8, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (business) +7, Knowledge (star systems) +4, Profession (trader) +4, Sense Motive +8, Spot +5

Feats: Influence, Persuasive, Trustworthy, Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols), Weapon Group Proficiency (simple weapons)

Loryan Jakar

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